For Schools:

For the School Community:

Reduces the financial and environmental cost of paper notices, reports, forms and newsletters

No more staff time spent printing and no more reams of paper churning out of the photocopier every week

Receive and read newsletters when you want, where you want

Past and present Newsletters that don’t go missing – read them on the train or in the office at a time you choose

Promotes your school brand to the world

Putting your school on the world stage for all to see

Keeps whole school communities informed at all times

Not just parents & carers but grandparents and other extended family members

Improves two-way communications between your school and your community

Your school app is a constant link to all members and levels of your school community

Ability to contact the school at anytime from anywhere using a phone or other mobile device

No more waiting until the school is open to advise of a sick student or provide change of contact details etc.

Keeps the entire community informed and up to date

Events, changes to schedules, cancellations, current event updates, special announcements, App updates, etc

Always have up to date information ‘in the purse/pocket”

Events, changes to schedules, cancellations, special announcements etc. – find out about these instantly

Fully managed system – no technicians required

Send messages and alerts from your smart phone and upload content from your computer – no programming skills required

Online ordering of Uniforms and Lunches

No more queuing for uniforms or looking for change to go in the lunch order – order & pay using your smartphone or other device.

Free App download from the App Store and Google Play

Download in seconds for free and use on all devices. As App technology improves & diversifies, so too will the capabilities of your School App.

Easy access – Free App download from the App Store and Google Play

Download in seconds for free and use on all devices

Fully supported

Customer service available as and when you need it during and after business hours

Easily Locate School Venues

Get turn by turn GPS directions to school venues

Promotes your school’s use of developing technologies

Don’t just teach about the new technologies, lead your community in using them

Update your school calendar & never miss a school function/event again

Diarise important school dates and recieve a reminder Via your smartphone or other device.